TMR's Bamboo Rods

Despite the popularity of fiberglass and graphite, bamboo rods remain the pinnacle. They are highly prized by anglers both for their collector's value as well as for their great fishing attributes. How could this be? Perhaps the greatest reason is bamboo rods have been the foundation of our fly fishing heritage since the late 1800s. Countless rod makers pursue the craft of designing and building rods to match their ideas for the perfect casting and fishing rod. Many of these rods are truly works of art; they represent the attainment of near perfection in the embodiment of form and function.


Tom's Bamboo Rod Philosophy

"For many of today's anglers, bamboo rods bring back memories of bygone years, of a time when fishing was simpler, perhaps less demanding. Back in a time when bamboo was really the only rod material and before modern technology enabled us to create the wide range of rods on the market today. Yet, some anglers, including myself, still think fondly of bamboo rods as wonderful instruments for casting and fishing. My first fishing experiences were with an old Montague bamboo rod, when I fished for cutthroat trout in a small mountain stream in southwestern Montana, when, lacking finesse, my only thoughts were how could I fool a fish by sneaking a grasshopper into the stream without being seen...


TMR's Bamboo Rods

It's often said that a single bamboo rod takes upwards of 80hrs to build.  There are no shortcuts to be taken in this process and we take pride in slowing down to seek perfection.  From hand selecting culms to looking for glue seams under a magnifying glass, our bamboo rods are simply on a different level than other rods currently in production.  Click below to learn more about which lengths and weights we offer in our bamboo lineup.


Building Your Custom Rod

Every rod from TMR requires your input to personalize it.  We want to work with you to select your length/weight blank, reel seat hardware, wood choice, handle shape and inscription.  Once you've placed a deposit, we will start moving your rod through the build process and keep you updated along the way.