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Meet Shane Rickert

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Meet Shane Rickert

Joining the team as our resident media guru, Shane brings not only years of marketing experience but fishing experience to the table here at TMR. You can find him behind the sticks for most of the summer or in the upland fields with his two GWP's. A glutton for punishment, he loves to fish the ranch section of the Henry's Fork during the green drake and PMD hatch. Chances are with a 8' 4-weight Odell in his hands too.

We asked him what his favorite part about fishing was - Not long ago, it has shifted from being up with the sun and being at the boat ramp in the dark. Nowadays, it’s enjoying a boat ride with my fiance and two GWP's, watching her excitement grow for fly fishing and enjoying a beverage or two. Fishing is also a great excuse to see new parts of the West I otherwise wouldn’t see as a non-angler.