to Aug 26

Madison River Lodge Trip with Montana Angler

This trip will feature the use if TMR rods tailored to your fishing conditions each day, casting instruction and three days of fishing with access to private water included.  

There is no better location on the legendary Madison River than this lodge. It is a very cool traditional lodge right on the most productive section of the Madison River. The lodge is all about the fishing and the lodge schedule revolves around conditions and what our guests are interested in. The lodge is on the most prolific stretch of the river with over 5000 trout per mile right off the decks. It is the only all inclusive lodge directly on the famous 50 mile riffle section of the Upper Madison and is centrally located to maximize diversity of both floating and wading. Yellowstone Park is just a short drive away with lots of smaller famous fisheries and several other rivers can be accessed in the other direction. The Madison is an incredibly consistent fishery over most periods of our fishing season. Everything is included in this package so you just show up, eat, fish and relax and let us take care of the rest!

If you're interested, email for price, availability and to make a reservation.

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to Jul 16

Henry's Fork Lodge Trip

For enthusiasts of TMR and those ready for their next rod, we will be hosting a three night, two day stay at the Henry's Fork Lodge.  The lodge will coordinate transportation, guides, and meals so you can spend two days fishing TMR rods.  We would love to talk about which rod was your favorite and head back to Bozeman to get started on the build of your new custom rod.  Please reach out to for more information on pricing, availability and to make a reservation.

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to Jun 29

Bamboo Build Class

This week long bamboo class will take you through the entire process of building a rod using the Morgan Handmill, Tom's bamboo rod tapers and at the end of the week you will have your own rod to take home with you.  The class will have 4-6 participants and we will include a trip to our bamboo supplier, wrapping lesson with Gerri Carlson and plenty of time to fish the rivers around our shop.  Please email for information on pricing, availability and to place a reservation.

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