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Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 6 Weight Bamboo Fly Rods

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

6 Weight Bamboo Rods

$1,000.00 Deposit

Come Build Your Own

Our bamboo rods are famous for their exceedingly beautiful finish, their distinctive honey coloration, and striking burgundy wraps. Few if any bamboo rod makers go to the lengths we do to ensure each rod is flawless in its composition and construction. Aided by Tom’s extensive work designing tools for the bamboo rod making process, we pursue perfection in each bamboo rod we create. While they are aesthetically superior they are also wonderful casting and fishing rods that are made to be used and enjoyed by present and future generations to come.  We are working on improving our content for each rod model. Please reach out if you have questions about a specific rod.

  • Rod price - $3995