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  • I'm looking for the instructional video on "converting any taper" to a MHM taper setting.

  • Hi Dan - I think Ric mentioned in one of our Youtube videos something to the effect that there is a video out there on how to do the conversion.  We haven't filmed one of those yet and will put it on our MHM video "to-do" list.  As far as making that conversion, you can go to and get the MHM conversion.  If you enter the dimensions in for a rod and then save it, you can reopen that rod and there is a button that says "MHM Taper".  If you click on that button it should give you the settings for the MHM.  I'm certainly no expert on this and would love if any other users with more experience could chime in.

  • Yes, the Hexrod is the process that I have been using all along.  Looking forward to the video.

  • I almost exclusively build pentas or heptas so I need to convert every taper. I would recommend either DynaRod or RodLab for conversion as they will do a dynamic deflection conversion. Typically when doing a geometric conversion you are looking for a rod that performs like what you're converting from so a dynamic conversion will convert based on bendform not sectional area.

  • RodLab exports MHM settings (does the conversion) as well as doing dynamic conversion of geometries.  I used it to convert a Leonard 38 ACM (1960) 7ft 4wt to a 6ft 2wt which I am currently working on.  When I'm done, or even maybe along with the 6ft, I plan on making the original taper. 

  • Rick,

    I am a new MHM user and have been unable to figure out how RodLab exports MHM settings.  Can you give me a hint.

    Thanks,  Jack Holton

  • There is a setting in the Config space for setting the option to create MHM reports with outputs.  Also, the place for generating reports is on the last tab of the Taper Translation module.  But the config file has to be set up to generate the MHM outputs first.  I recommend you create your own version of the config file so as to not corrupt the default. 

    Select MHM Report in Output Files

    Load Saved MHM Outputs Config File

    Taper Translation module is the only place I know for actually generating taper reports.

    Last step in the process: Guides & Ribs.

    Actually Generating Reports


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