TMR's Fiberglass Rods

Many of us have nostalgia for the early days of fly fishing when we picked up an old Fenwick from the general store and took off for a day of fishing.  We weren't weighed down with layers of Gore Tex, Buffs and fancy polarized glasses.  Those were just days of messing about catching brook trout, perch and bass in nothing more than a pair of shorts and some muddy sneakers.  Glass has found a resurgence and we are confident that our rods will give you a day on the water that feels like the old days.


Tom's Fiberglass Rod Philosophy

"The first question that would come to mind for me if I were reading about a new line of fiberglass blanks and rods would be why in the world are you offering these when your graphite rods are so outstanding? I think the answer makes an interesting and compelling story..." Click below to read Tom's thoughts on Fiberglass rod design.


TMR's Fiberglass Rods and Blanks

Our fiberglass rods are designed for a wide range of applications.  From our smaller rods, ideal for a day on creeks and ponds to our Streamer Special, TMR fiberglass will bring a smile to your face.  We also offer our fiberglass blanks so you can build on one of Tom's tapers at home.  Click here to read more about our fiberglass offerings.


Building Your Custom Rod

Every rod from TMR requires your input to personalize it.  We want to work with you to select your length/weight blank, reel seat hardware, wood choice, handle shape and inscription.  Once you've placed a deposit, we will start moving your rod through the build process and keep you updated along the way.