The Morgan Bamboo Hand Mill represents a complete departure from traditional methods of hand-planing bamboo strips to make fly rods. The simplicity of the Hand Mill design allows a beginning rod-maker to plane a strip as perfectly as a master. The Hand Mill consists of two basic parts, an adjustable hand plane that holds the cutters and an adjustable bed that holds the bamboo strip. The plane and bamboo are self-aligning on the bed. Unlike some power mills when planing strips with the Hand Mill the grain of the bamboo is followed. The Hand Mill bed assembly, which is 72 3/4" long, allows one to plane two-piece rods up to 9 feet and various length three-piece rods. In addition, with the extension bed accessory, you can mill one-piece rods up to about 7'9".

With the Hand Mill, the cutting is done with two long-lasting, removable carbide inserts that have three cutting edges which can be switched from side-to-side resulting in six cutting edges. The cutters are designed to cut only the bamboo, thus the cutting edges remain sharp for a considerable time and, from my experience, three to five rods can be completely planed from one set of cutters. When the cutters become dull, they are quickly and inexpensively replaced eliminating the need to sharpen planes: a difficult to learn and time consuming task. The inserts are a standard configuration and can be purchased from different suppliers, however, the ones we supply are superior for sharpness and life.

Tom wrote extensively about the handmill.  Click here to go to his in-depth description of the handmill and its use.  We are developing a parts page for the website to make ordering easy.  In the meantime, please reach out to Matt or Joel to place an order.