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Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 6 Weight Fiberglass Fly Rods

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

6 Weight Fiberglass Rods

$500.00 Deposit

Tom Morgan loved streamer fishing and for many years fished light-weight flies such as girdle bugs, gray ghosts, and muddlers right at the surface using a floating line.  He even developed a special technique where the fly is moved in small, rhythmic movements called the “Morgan Twitch.”

In order to fish this method properly, he needed a special rod with just the right tip stiffness to manipulate the fly without moving it too much. The rod also needs enough power in the butt to pick up the line and cast the fly right back without a false cast. This is the 8’3” 6-weight Streamer Special, it’s one of a kind and unquestionably a fabulous rod. Because it’s such a great casting and fishing rod, many anglers enjoy using one not only for streamer fishing but also for dries and small poppers.

  • 8’3” Fiberglass

    • Medium action

    • Designed to fish distances from 25-60’

  • Rod price - $1495