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Tom Morgan Rodsmiths 8 Weight Fiberglass Fly Rods

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

8 Weight Fiberglass Rods

$500.00 Deposit

After testing prototype 8-weight rods we decided to add an 8’9” model to our fiberglass selection.  It’s an exceptionally smooth and easy casting rod for a variety of situations. For fishing popping bugs it’s perfect because of its slower line speed and easy to attain wider line loops.  It’s also an ideal rod for light saltwater fishing, steelhead and salmon where a medium heavy line is needed, and trout fishing with heavier flies and/or sink tip or full sinking lines. One complaint we have heard too many times to count over the years is how the new stiff graphite rods cause elbow or shoulder problems when fishing all day because of the fast, hard casting stroke they require. This fiberglass rod will eliminate that problem because of the easy, smooth, and slow casting stroke required to load and cast it. It’s also very forgiving when hooking and playing fish.

  • 8’9” Fiberglass

    • Medium Action

    • Designed to fish distances from 30-75’

  • Rod price - $1495