To honor the life, spirit and generosity of Tom Morgan, we're creating 50 of these limited edition 2pc 8' #4wt rod and matching Duke Beardsley print sets

Rod Final.jpg

The O'Dell Rod

Tom designed this rod as a medium action spring creek rod with his early guiding days on O’Dell Creek in mind.  After Joel and Matt took the reins of TMR, Tom decided to use this rod to mentor them in his approach to design.  They spent many afternoons together; Tom tinkering with spreadsheets and explaining his thinking, while Joel and Matt peppered him with questions and ideas.  Tom was working on this rod days before he passed away this summer, and to honor him, Joel and Matt set out to finish the design.  Working with many of Tom's close friends, the team produced a number of prototypes and cast them always asking, "which one would Tom have liked?"  The end product is the O'Dell. This is the perfect dry fly rod for stalking trout on small waters.  Summer days, good friends, beers on the tailgate and a smile on your face.  Simply put, this is a rod that Tom would have fished.

For the limited edition O'Dell rod we're going to build it the way Tom would have: a Western Cigar grip, down-locking hardware, a box elder reel seat and inscribed with "The O'Dell" and rod length/weight.  The rod and print set sell for $1850.


The O'Dell Print

To honor the spirit of fishing that Tom so valued, we’ve teamed up with Western artist Duke Beardsley for this project.  Inspired by Tom’s approach, Duke crafted a beautiful series of 50 10"x10" prints that will accompany these rods. Each print is signed and numbered to correspond with each rod’s serial number to create the matched set. 


Giving Back

At TMR we’re inspired by the work that Bozeman-based Casting for Recovery does to improve the quality of life of women with breast cancer through the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.  To honor Tom’s generosity, one rod and print from this project were donated to benefit Casting for Recovery.  The raffle has been held and we're building an O'Dell for one lucky winner.