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Why Buy a tom morgan rodsmiths rod?

At Tom Morgan Rodsmiths we are committed to hand-crafting the perfect fly rod, built one at a time, for each and every customer. A TMR rod is known for its classic full flexing medium/fast action that loads deeply to the handle. Tom wanted a rod that you could feel load starting at 20ft, was incredibly accurate, laid the fly down softly and protected the tippet with a fine tip. We will work with you to determine the ideal rod for you, and will incorporate your preferences to ensure that the final product is uniquely yours. We use only the highest quality materials - from agate stripping guides and pristine cork to flawless bamboo culms and more than 20 different wood species for your reel seat. Throughout our build process, we inspect your rod's progress for perfection at every step, which ensures we deliver the finest rods in the world. 


Graphite rods

Other rod companies are constantly chasing faster modulus materials for an ever faster, stiffer and lighter rod.  If you have watched that evolution and cringed a little bit at where fly rods have gone, then you’ve found your home here at TMR. We at Tom Morgan Rodsmiths believe that a great trout rod is a great trout rod and there's no need for us to launch a new model or line every year to prove it. Our graphite rods are designed to be fished today, and handed down to be fished by generations to come.

Our traditional two-piece rods are known for their feel, accuracy and will quickly become your go-to rod for dry fly days.  When packability and versatility take priority, our four-piece spigot ferruled rods are perfect.  Click below to learn more about lengths and weights offered in our lineup.  


Bamboo Rods

Despite the popularity of fiberglass and graphite, bamboo rods remain the pinnacle. They are highly prized by anglers both for their collector's value as well as for their great fishing attributes. How could this be? Perhaps the greatest reason is bamboo rods have been the foundation of our fly fishing heritage since the late 1800s. Countless rod makers pursue the craft of designing and building rods to match their ideas for the perfect casting and fishing rod. Many of these rods are truly works of art; they represent the attainment of near perfection in the embodiment of form and function.

It's often said that a single bamboo rod takes upwards of 80hrs to build.  There are no shortcuts to be taken in this process and we take pride in slowing down to seek perfection.  From hand selecting culms to looking for glue seams under a magnifying glass, our bamboo rods are simply on a different level than other rods currently in production.  Click below to learn more about which lengths and weights we offer in our bamboo lineup.


Fiberglass Rods

Many of us have nostalgia for the early days of fly fishing when we picked up an old Fenwick from the general store and took off for a day of fishing.  We weren't weighed down with layers of Gore Tex, Buffs and fancy polarized glasses.  Those were just days of messing about catching brook trout, perch and bass in nothing more than a pair of shorts and some muddy sneakers.  Glass has found a resurgence and we are confident that our rods will give you a day on the water that feels like the old days.

Our fiberglass rods are designed for a wide range of applications.  From our smaller rods, ideal for a day on creeks and ponds to our Streamer Special, TMR fiberglass will bring a smile to your face.  We also offer our fiberglass blanks so you can build on one of Tom's tapers at home.  Click here to read more about our fiberglass offerings.

The O’Dell


Tom designed this rod as a medium action spring creek rod with his early guiding days on O’Dell Creek in mind.  After Joel and Matt took the reins of TMR, Tom decided to use this rod to mentor them in his approach to design.  They spent many afternoons together; Tom tinkering with spreadsheets and explaining his thinking, while Joel and Matt peppered him with questions and ideas.  Tom was working on this rod days before he passed away this summer, and to honor him, Joel and Matt set out to finish the design.  Working with many of Tom's close friends, the team produced a number of prototypes and cast them always asking, "which one would Tom have liked?"  The end product is the O'Dell. This is the perfect dry fly rod for stalking trout on small waters.  Summer days, good friends, beers on the tailgate and a smile on your face.  Simply put, this is a rod that Tom would have fished.

For the limited edition O'Dell rod we're going to build it the way Tom would have: a Western Cigar grip, down-locking hardware, a box elder reel seat and inscribed with "The O'Dell" and rod length/weight.  The rod and print set sell for $1850.


The O’Dell Print

To honor the spirit of fishing that Tom so valued, we’ve teamed up with Western artist Duke Beardsley for this project.  Inspired by Tom’s approach, Duke crafted a beautiful series of 50 10"x10" prints that will accompany these rods. Each print is signed and numbered to correspond with each rod’s serial number to create the matched set. 


Casting for Recovery

At TMR we’re inspired by the work that Bozeman-based Casting for Recovery does to improve the quality of life of women with breast cancer through the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.  To honor Tom’s generosity, one rod and print from this project were donated to benefit Casting for Recovery.  The raffle has been held and we're building an O'Dell for one lucky winner.

Tom’s rod Design Philosophy

We are fortunate enough to have access to Tom’s thinking on rod design through his writings on the subject when he and his wife Gerri founded TMR. Below is a collection of Tom’s writings in his own words… enjoy!


Graphite rods

Tom started rod building at Winston with Bamboo and fiberglass.  Once graphite started to become a viable option, Tom was excited by the combination of light weight and strength that could be achieved.  Click below to learn about Tom's design philosophy.


Bamboo rods

"For many of today's anglers, bamboo rods bring back memories of bygone years, of a time when fishing was simpler, perhaps less demanding. Back in a time when bamboo was really the only rod material and before modern technology enabled us to create the wide range of rods on the market today. Yet, some anglers, including myself, still think fondly of bamboo rods as wonderful instruments for casting and fishing. My first fishing experiences were with an old Montague bamboo rod, when I fished for cutthroat trout in a small mountain stream in southwestern Montana, when, lacking finesse, my only thoughts were how could I fool a fish by sneaking a grasshopper into the stream without being seen...

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Fiberglass Rods

"The first question that would come to mind for me if I were reading about a new line of fiberglass blanks and rods would be why in the world are you offering these when your graphite rods are so outstanding? I think the answer makes an interesting and compelling story..." Click below to read Tom's thoughts on Fiberglass rod design.