TMR Community Guidelines

  • Guidelines for Forum Posts

    • Participate in online forums as you would in constructive, face-to-face discussions. We are here to create a positive community supporting fellow rod builders.  
    • Postings should continue a conversation and provide avenues for additional continuous dialogue. 
    • Stay on the topic of the thread – do not stray.
    • Don’t post just to post. Don’t repeat what has already been stated. Be sure your post addresses a new opinion or thought not yet discussed.
    • Online communication lacks verbal cues. Respond carefully, be clear, and keep your sentences and posts brief.
    • Any negative posts attacking another member personally or "trolling" companies in the fly fishing industry will be immediately removed and the user will lose all permissions.  We have zero tollerance for negative discourse.  If you are critical of a user or a company, pick up the phone or send them a direct message.

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