The versatile MHM

  • The versatile Morgan Hand Mill (MHM). Let me tell you some interesting things that the MHM can do for you. You can make Hex, Quad, or Penta rods. You can make them all with a swelled butt from minor to major and you can hollow the butt and/or tips too. You can take any standard taper and add to it a swelled butt. Take a Dickerson 8013 taper and add a swelled butt, now you have a D8013S (S for swell). This makes for a stiffer rod action. Add to it a hollow butt, and now you have an D8013HS (H for hollow and S for swell). Now you have a stiffer rod that is a little lighter. You will find this works nicely with several standard tapers. Just manipulate it to suit your taste. I like adding .030 shims for a butt swell to a PHY Perfectionist taper. This gives the rod a stiff butt and a crisp action. I call it a 76S. There are hundreds of proven tapers and they work fine as is.  But by using the same taper numbers for a known rod and adding a little twist to it, well now you have something different. Such is the fun of the versatile MHM.  The MHM has other features but this is the standard things that can be done with it.

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