Octagonal (8 sided) rods with the MHM ?

  • Thinking about purchasing the 8 sided cutter head. for my MHM.

    If I do where can I get a V block attachment for my calipers?


  • In other words, how can I accurately measure the strip height of the octangonally cut strip?

  • ok

  • I'm looking at the Octagonal cutter head too.  What did you find out?

  • Hey Dan

    No one here has replied. ,,, questions for the TMR company folks:.

    Anyone home here ?... and supporting us long time MHM users?

    Does TMR sell a V block for 8 sided rod strips? ... if No why not?

    How can folks accurately measure strips cut with the 8 sided MHM cutter head?

  • Hello there everyone,


    To answer your questions:

    - We do not currently sell a measuring block for 8 sided rods. This is mainly because we see very little demand for it.

    - In regrds to how folks can accurately measure strips cut with the 8-sided MHM cutter head: we suggest figuring out the height with dimensions. Once you have that, then you can measure with a caliper very easily.

    Hope this helps!

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