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Custom Bamboo Rods

Custom Bamboo Rods ($3995)
Custom Bamboo Rods ($3995)
Custom Bamboo Rods ($3995)
Custom Bamboo Rods ($3995)
Custom Bamboo Rods ($3995)
Custom Bamboo Rods ($3995)
Custom Bamboo Rods ($3995)

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

Custom Bamboo Rods ($3995)

$1,000.00 Deposit

In our fast paced world there are few things that ground you like standing at the back of your truck preparing a cane rod for a day on the river.  Things slow down and the simple process of assembling the rod, stringing it up and selecting your fly take on a gravitas that isn't found elsewhere in our sport.   When it's about fishing on your terms, there simply isn't a better tool than a Morgan bamboo rod.

All TMR bamboo rods are built on the Morgan Hand Mill using Tom's tapers as the foundation.  He believed in starting with the finest tip possible and having a smooth progressive taper for the full length of the rod.  Our rods load deeply for increased feel and accuracy, but also recover quickly to provide plenty of power on longer casts.  These rods were born on the banks of Montana's rivers and carry with them the history and significance of Mr. Morgan's designs.

Standard Features Include:

  • Traditional two tip hex rods
  • Hollow fluted to save weight and aid in recovery speed
  • Custom fit truncated ferrules
  • Soft tip for tippet protection while setting the hook and fighting fish
  • Highest grade flor cork hand sanded to your specifications
  • Nickel silver reel seat, cork check, tip check and red agate stripping guide
  • Snake Brand Guides wrapped in garnet Gudebrod thread
  • Choice of reel seat wood, hardware, blank color and inscription
  • Components proudly made in the USA.  All rods crafted in Bozeman, MT
  • Price - $3995
Weight Length Pieces Suggested Line
3wt 7' 2pc DT3
3wt 7'3" 2pc DT3
4wt 7' 2pc DT4
4wt 7'6" 2pc DT4
4wt 8' 2pc DT4
5wt 7'6" 2pc DT5 or WF5
5wt 8'3" 2pc DT5 or WF5
6wt 8'3" 2pc DT6 or WF6