Custom Saltwater

We've crafted our saltwater rods using Tom's design principles, dedicating almost two years to prototyping and field testing. The result: a rod adept at delicate 40ft casts yet powerful enough to punch through the wind and reach distant tailing fish.

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Custom Saltwater Rods

TMR saltwater rods will delicately lay out a fly at 40ft and also have plenty of power left in the tank to punch through the wind and reach a tailing fish at the limits of your double haul.

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Saltwater Packages

We offer packages of custom rods so you can put together your dream quiver. Rods, reels, lines, leaders and tippet in the perfect travel case.

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In-Stock Rods

We maintain a limited selection of rods in inventory. Check out what we have in stock or place a custom order if you don'e see exactly what you want.

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rod gift certificate

For our customers who are looking for a thoughtful way to give the gift of a TMR rod, this special delivery is the perfect experience that will be remembered and treasured forever.

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