Freshwater Rods

Start customizing your dream TMR today! We provide a wide range of build options, from 3-weight creek rods to 7-weight streamer rods, and everything in between.


Custom Graphite

All TMR graphite rods are built using Tom's blank designs as the foundation.Our rods load deeply for increased feel and accuracy, but also recover quickly to provide plenty of power on longer casts. 

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Custom Bamboo

In our fast paced world there are few things that ground you like standing at the back of your truck preparing a cane rod for a day on the river. When it's about fishing on your terms, there simply isn't a better tool than a Morgan bamboo rod.

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Custom Fiberglass

If you're passionate about fiberglass then you are looking for a smooth feeling rod that reminds you to pause on your back cast and puts a smile on your face every time you fish with it.   

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We offer packages of custom rods so you can put together your dream quiver. Rods, reels, lines, leaders and tippet in the perfect travel case.

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In-Stock Rods

We maintain a limited selection of rods in inventory. Check out what we have in stock or place a custom order if you don'e see exactly what you want.

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Rod gift certificate

For our customers who are looking for a thoughtful way to give the gift of a TMR rod, this special delivery is the perfect experience that will be remembered and treasured forever.

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