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How long does it take to have a rod made?

We build rods in the order that we take deposits and as a result have a waitlist on our rod builds.  Currently we're about 5-6 months to ship a graphite or fiberglass rod and about 12 months to ship a bamboo rod.


Can I come in and take a tour of the shop?

If you live locally or are in town to fish, we would love to give you a tour of the shop.  Please give us a call or email us and let us know when you're coming by.


Is there a difference between your available rods on the website and a custom ordered rod?

There is no difference in any of the components or the build quality with the rods that are available for immediate purchase.  Most often those rods were built because a customer changed their mind on how they wanted their custom rod built so we finished that rod to sell on the website and started a new one for them.