Bamboo Rod Building Classes

Bamboo Class Details

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths will be offering week-long bamboo build classes here at the TMR shop. We will have a max of 4 participants in each and details are outlined below.

Bamboo Rod Building Class Includes:

● One week build of the bamboo rod of your choice. We will open up Tom's taper book to class participants but can also accommodate other tapers if you bring one along

● Instruction in the use of the Morgan Handmill from set-up through roughing and finishing. You will start with a raw culm on Wednesday and go home with a finished rod on Tuesday

● We are using a Wed-Tues build model with three days of building, the weekend to go fish and then two days to finish things up

● Select and shape your handle, select from our burl wood reel seats, uplock/downlock/slideband hardware, agate stripping guide, Snake Brand bamboo guides and a variety of thread colors

● Instruction on wrapping the rod and coating wraps

● All rods come with tube and bag

● Lunch included each day

● 10% discount on the Morgan Hand Mill and accessories for class participants

● Optional: If you would like to do some fishing over the weekend, we can work with local shops to put together guides for you

Total $2500 - Cost includes instruction, materials, lunch and snacks. You will be responsible for transportation to Bozeman, lodging and breakfast/dinner. We will provide a list of lodging and dining options. Individual private classes offered at $2700

2025 Pricing: Pricing remains the same for 2025 classes at $2500. Private classes will be as follows: $3000/each for two participants and $3500/solo.

Payment: We will take 1/2 the amount ($1250) to reserve your spot in the class and the remaining balance will be due sixty (60) days before start of your class. Email with any questions, or click below to see availability and reserve your spot.

2025 Payment: A non-refundable deposit of $500 will be taken to reserve your spot on your chosen class date. We will collect remaining payment sixty (60) days before the start of your class.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Please carefully review your order before submitting your deposit or final payment. Due to the supplies, ordering, and scheduling involved in our Bamboo classes, as well as the individual building of each of our rods, all deposits and payments are considered final and cannot be refunded. However, we would be pleased to offer a credit that can be used towards any future class or item on the website. We appreciate your business and support of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths.

2024 Dates & Availability (as of 2/21/2024): 
● 4/10/24 - 4/16/24 (FULL)
● 5/15/24 - 5/21/24 (FULL)
● 6/12/24 - 6/18/24 (FULL)
● 7/10/24 - 7/16/24 (FULL)
● 8/14/24 - 8/20/24 (1 Spot Avail)
● 9/11/24 - 9/17/24 (FULL)
● 10/9/24 - 10/15/24 (3 Spots Avail)
● Private Class (1 Class Avail)

2025 Dates & Availability:
● 4/9/25 - 4/15/25 (4 Spots Avail)
● 5/14/25 - 5/20/24 (4 Spots Avail)
● 6/11/25 - 6/17/25 (4 Spots Avail)
● 7/9/25 - 7/15/25 (4 Spots Avail)
● 8/13/25 - 8/19/25 (4 Spots Avail)
● 9/10/25 - 9/16/25 (4 Spots Avail)
● 10/8/25 - 10/14/25 (4 Spots Avail)
● Private Class (2 Classes Avail)

Bamboo Rod Building Class Deposit

Bamboo Rod Building Class Deposit

Regular price$1,250.00

2024/2025 Dates