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Morgan Bamboo Handmill (standard package)

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

Morgan Bamboo Handmill (standard package)


The standard package includes everything you need to make a 6 sided Bamboo fly rod. Standard package includes the following : Angle aluminum, Base, Adjustable bed, 4 Anvils [ 1 Rough butt, 1 Rough tip, 1 Finish butt, 1 Finish tip ] Hand plane with 61.5 degree cutter [ 6 strip ] Hold down shoe assembly, Dial indicator holder/shaving tool, Dial indicator, Weight, Plane stop, Plane adjusting jig, Swelled butt kit, 1 Set wrenches, Hex extension driver, 1/8 Drill, 3/32 Drill, 2 sets of cutters, Hold down screws, .PDF User Manual. CLICK HERE FOR A .PDF COPY OF OUR USER MANUAL

* Please note that shipping is approximately $150 domestically and $250+ for international orders. We will figure out the exact amount for shipping and charge you that amount once the crate is ready to go.