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Fiberglass Manifesto


The first question that would come to mind for me if I were reading about a new line of fiberglass blanks and rods would be why in the world are you offering these when your graphite rods are so outstanding? I think the answer makes an interesting and compelling story. 

Winston Stalker


Before buying Winston in 1973, I had enjoyed fishing light line #3 and #4 bamboo rods. I thought that similar fiberglass rods would be popular, so I designed the Winston fiberglass Stalker Rods to add to Winston's already great line of fiberglass rods that were custom-made by the J. K. Fisher Co. The Stalker rods became very popular and continue to be sought after even today with the most popular sizes bringing around $1000 on E-Bay.

Popularity in Japan


My fiberglass rod designs have been very popular in Japan since I first introduced the Winston Stalkers almost 40 years ago. One of the editors of the Japanese magazine Fly Fisher, Tomonori Higashi, heard I was bringing out a new line of fiberglass rods and wanted to interview me for a story about them. In addition, they decided to put a photo on the front cover of an original Winston Stalker alongside a new Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fiberglass rod and some of our new blanks.

Rod Dynamics


There is a property of fiberglass material that I think warrants discussion in regard to rod design. Fiberglass is unique in that it accepts a load quite uniformly up to a certain point then it will continue to bend, but the resistance to bending drops off dramatically. This behavior can be easily demonstrated with fiberglass rods in distance casting. With a rod designed for short to medium distance, you can easily reach those distances. As you try to cast farther, however, the rod stops accepting the increased load, and it becomes more difficult to cast longer distances.