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Tom's Graphite Rod Philosophy

In Tom's Words


The new 4-weight, 5-weight, 6-weight, and 7-weight 4-piece rods are designed and they are spectacular.  The 5-weight final prototypes were finished just in time to be evaluated for the popular Yellowstone Angler 5-weight 2016 shootout. They evaluate 30 of the most popular 4-piece 5-weight graphite rods available and our new rod is tied for first place for performance! A great testimony to the new rod designs. The new 4-piece rods have the well-proven spigot ferrules providing very smooth casting rods the evaluators were extremely impressed with. Almost all of today's rods have the tip over ferrule design that is just not as smooth as the spigot design that feels like a one-piece rod.

Back Then


Kerry Burkheimer is making our graphite blanks using our mandrels and patterns. We are extremely pleased with his great quality and our wonderful working relationship. He has been extraordinarily helpful in getting our prototypes and now our finished blanks. I also have to compliment him on the quality of the blanks they are the straightest I have ever seen!

A Passion


Fly fishing has been my greatest passion since my early teenage years, and, within that passion, fly rods and their action have always been my greatest love. It seems I have a special gift that allows me to visualize fishing conditions and to design rods that are well suited for anglers. My intention for these rods is to provide great casting rods that are fun to fish using dry flies, wet flies, and nymphs and to make rods fellow anglers love and enjoy fishing on their favorite waters.

Big or Small?


One aspect of my rod design that makes them different from most other rods currently on the market is the snake guide size. If you compare our rods to others the guides seem small, and you might think, too small to let the line pass through easily. The common misconception is the bigger the guides the better the line flows through them and the farther you can cast.