Morgan Bamboo Handmill (standard package)

Morgan Bamboo Handmill (standard package)

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We are anticipating a delivery of (12) complete MHM sets in the beginning of October. In order to reserve one from our next batch, please place a non-refundable $500 deposit below. Please note that the beginning of October is the estimate we were given by our machine shop and that date could fluctuate based on materials availability.

The standard package includes everything you need to make a 6 sided Bamboo fly rod. Standard package includes the following: Angle aluminum, Base, Adjustable bed, 4 Anvils [ 1 Rough butt, 1 Rough tip, 1 Finish butt, 1 Finish tip ] Hand plane with 61.5 degree cutter [ 6 strip ] Hold down shoe assembly, Dial indicator holder/shaving tool, Dial indicator, Weight, Plane stop, Plane adjusting jig, Swelled butt kit, 1 Set wrenches, Hex extension driver, 1/8 Drill, 3/32 Drill, 2 sets of cutters, hold down screws. PDF User Manual. CLICK HERE FOR A PDF COPY OF OUR USER MANUAL

* Please note that shipping is approximately $150 domestically and $250+ for international orders. We will figure out the exact amount for shipping and charge you that amount in a separate invoice once the crate is ready to go.