Rites of Passage
In many indigenous cultures there is a rite of passage as a boy starts to become a young man.  While our family doesn’t have a specific age or set of rituals to mark that transition, our recent trip on the South Fork of the Snake embodied that shift in our son.  Hudson turned nine years old this summer and is moving from a boy who has needed parental support, to a young man who is earning more independence.  We hope that long memorable trips in the outdoors will serve as sign posts to mark his growth and development for the rest of his life.
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Attack and Release Film
When TMR was approach by filmmaker Tom Attwater and the team at Stio  to be a part of a unique and meaningful story with friend and Bozeman resident, Ranga Parera, we jumped at the opportunity.  Ranga spent time in the TMR...
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Spring Fishing Techniques
Spring in Montana is a magical time where we begin to see mother nature loosen her grip on us after three, four, or sometimes even more,  solid months of winter. As a Montana winter veteran, I’ve learned to take advantage...
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