Nora's First Summer
When my wife Jasmine and I welcomed our first daughter in February 2023, everyone warned us that parenthood would be a whirlwind and that time would fly by. We took that advice to heart and made a promise to ourselves:...
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DIY Bahamas Fishing Trip
When most people hear “I’m going to The Bahamas,” they think of cruises, Atlantis, and “the shell you can hear the ocean in.” When a fly angler hears “I’m going to The Bahamas” they immediately think of 8 and 9...
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The Liars and Tiers Guild
Our bamboo rod builder, Ric Plante, has for many years been part of a fly-tying group aptly named the Liars and Tyers Guild. We were invited to be a part of a recent event, provided we didn’t share any secrets and brought our own drinks.
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